The need to give back to society is something we have felt from the beginning. What has evolved is the way we do it.

While there are more causes to support than there are minutes in a day, we have always looked for ways to contribute to society in a way that is not just meaningful but in sync with our abilities and beliefs.​
Interspace regularly contributes to organisations we believe in, like healthcare (Bowring and Lady Curzon Hospital) and animal welfare (CUPA). One of our most memorable projects which combined our skills with our passion was designing and building homes for flood victims in Haveri, in association with Tata Relief Committee. 144 houses measuring about 290 sft each in area were built to stringent specifications. The community was provided with all the necessary infrastructure: roads, sanitation, power, school, community centre, public spaces, parks etc. Completed in 2009, the population of Mannur is completely resettled now and the community is thriving.